Out of Maya's meeting with Shanto, a book - and so much more - is being born. Welcome!

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Shanto & Maya in the black…

Shanto, an Osho sannyasin on the path of tantra, is a life guide, as well as a writer dipping his pen in the ink known as love.

Web: www.shanto.org

E-mail: shanto (at) childoftheearth (dot) org


Maya, an Osho sannyasin on the path of tantra, is the mother of three boys and a girl – and a doula, and… a lover of all the expressions of this life.

Web: www.doulamaya.nl

E-mail: maya (at) childoftheearth (dot) org


Leah, is Maya’s and Shanto’s daughter, born on the 10th of February 2015.


Maya and Shanto envision the Child of The Earth (CoTE) Initiative as a movement that will last and grow far beyond the publication of the book, Maya – Child of The Earth Auntie Akkanette’s Emerald Ring. There is a growing community who enjoys the reading of the manuscript, as well as the spirit of the movement – and who keeps contributing in various ways to the unfoldment of it all. Maya and Shanto are, of course, very happy & grateful about this. And very curious about what is still to come… To get a good sense of What-The-CoTE-Movement-Is-All-About, we recommend making this blog post your starting point reading our latest, BIG NEWS.


Shanto and Maya are was in a tantric marriage for one year from the 10th of January 2014. Their goal is was that the book Maya Child of The Earth will would be published before the end of this that year. But they have now set the creative process free to demand the time it needs… until completion of the manuscript, and publication of the book. Anyway, if you are a book publisher who loves the book they are creating, please get in touch with them! If you are curious about their tantric home, please visit www.wildtantra.com.


NEW 11 April 2016!

bbs-logo-NEW.2Beyond Bullshit (BB) is the name of the online T-shirt shop that is one of the fruits of the CoTE Initiative. BB sells organic, nature & people friendly cotton t-shirts with zingy, zesty, groovy, and often humorous, texts. Do click over there and explore for yourself! You most likely won’t regret it… 😉



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