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A New Version of our Imaginary Future Back Cover

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Just like a good wine, a good manuscript needs time to mature, until the day when all of its words are finally poured into the form of a book. In this process of maturation, the manuscript, just like the wine, goes through many different phases – and the more mature the manuscript thus becomes, the easier it is for its author to envision the book in its final form.

The back cover text of a book serves to describe its contents, and tease the reader to open and indulge in it. Such a text naturally matures at the pace of maturation of the author’s vision of the ready-to-consume book.

Shanto’s vision of Maya – Child Of The Earth has already matured a great deal since the first version of an imaginary future back cover was created. It now comprises a rough picture of the entire book – something like a synopsis floating in Shanto’s awareness – including the ending of the book and the “read thread” running through it.

This “read thread” should be reflected in the back cover text, and following the maturation of Shanto’s vision of the book, the back cover text has now matured into a new (second) version. Read it, and you will get a gut feeling for what Maya – Child Of The Earth is all about…!

To see the complete imaginary future back cover in its new version, just click this link: M-COTE imaginary back cover, v.2

The new text, can also be read here below:

People ask me if the story of this book is true. Well, who am I to tell? This has always been my question: Is it true; am I true; are you true? I can tell that the story is definitely not biographical, because I have no biography. I am a being of the unknown space of NowHere – where Maya and Shanto meet, time travel and shapeshift into many different versions of themselves. You get to follow their journey through worlds of childhood and ancestry, partying and travelling, motherhood and spirituality, work and surrender. Who is the author of their adventures; is it Maya and Shanto themselves? Well, who are you – dear reader? Are you the author of your life, or merely a fictional character on the stage of Existence – or both? The story of this book unfolds around the nucleus of this timeless enigma. Its resolution cannot be put in words though, other than to say that I am this: I am this book of life; I am this wildfire of love; I am Maya, a child of stardust and light – just like you. ~ Maya – Child Of The Earth

Shanto Odmark, a native of Sweden, was trained as a biologist, a journalist, and a therapist. He currently resides with his family in Zeist in the Netherlands. Having worked for several years as a ghost- and copywriter, with Maya – Child Of The Earth he now makes his debut as a fiction author.



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