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The Foundation of the Book is Being Established – Hurray!

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A book is a work of art – and as such it needs a good foundation*.

How the process of book writing unfolds varies, however, from author to author. And, to some extent, also from book to book. This variability includes the creation of the foundation, which thus can be established in different ways.

So what is the foundation, anyway, and how can it be established?

The foundation is the place where the inner creative fire meets the demands of the world of material forms. The foundation is the means through which inspiration is expressed in form. Not only is it the raison d’être of any truly inspired work of art, but also the “skeleton” holding it up.

It goes without saying that this “skeleton” is made up of different building materials in a painting, a dance performance, or a book. Yet, it’s crucial role is the same: to express inspiration as form.

We can distinguish two aspects of the foundation: the inner and the outer.

These two aspects are inevitably being created simultaneously – as they are totally interdependent. But exactly how they fall into place in a work of art, may vary from case to case.

Let’s now take a look at the particular case of Maya – Child Of The Earth.

The inner foundation of this book is what is growing organically in the process of Maya’s and Shanto’s creative togetherness. And it is Shanto’s work as a writer to manifest it in the form of a manuscript. Within the manuscript, the outer foundation can be traced and detected – as a kind of “all-permeating skeleton” that holds the story of the book in place.

At this particular point of time, that is. Or, to be more precise: soon.

Because everything has its time. And it’s only now that the time has come for the outer foundation to crystallize into a more definite form.

Let’s now take a look at the practical details of how this process has been, and is, unfolding. For this will make it easier for you to understand what the foundation actually is. :-)

1) The impulse of creating the book came – in the meeting of Maya and Shanto.

2) A dialogue started between Maya and Shanto; a kind of informal interview process.

3) Shanto started to write.

4) Parallel to the ongoing dialogue, he wrote the first 5 chapters.

5) Shanto’s picture of how the book as a whole will look the day it is completed, started to crystallize. He started to see what the yet-to-be-written chapters will contain, how the story will be tied together, and how it will end.

6) He (preliminary) named all the 35 or so chapters of the one-day-to-be-completed book.

7) He printed the draft manuscript (chapter 1-5), and read through it from start to end for the first time.

8) He felt: “Ah, this is really crap!” And he recognized this feeling as a stage of the process that he normally goes through in the creation of a manuscript; a necessary stage.

9) Next, he saw: “Wow, the foundation has become visible now! I just have to trim the first 5 chapters to bring it out in the light. I have to scrape off the loose hanging flesh, and oil up the rest for better shine. This will make the crappiness go away, and guide me through the rest of the writing process.”

10) Shanto started this work.

11) In the midst of it, he got the impulse to write this blog post about it – and via the next point of this list, he will conclude it.

12) Shanto will now return to the work of establishing the foundation – the crucial means by which his inspiration is expressed as the book Maya – Child Of The Earth.

Once this is done, the polished up versions of chapter 1-5 will be posted to our website, and Shanto will proceed to write the following 30 chapters – now more tightly in tune with the foundation of his work. This foundation will keep being refined during the entire writing process, but nevertheless the point in time (see point 9 of this list) when it first can be visualized as permeating the one-day-to-be-completed book from start to end, is pivotal.

So, we say… Hurray!!! :-)

Thank you for listening!

Are you too a writer or artist, or just a free & creative soul? Feel free to be inspired, triggered, challenged, encouraged, enlightened, or whatever by this blog post (and/or the Child Of The Earth Initiative at large) – and to get in touch with us, if you so wish. We would love to hear from you!


*) Note that in the academic world of art you will probably not come across the term “foundation” used in the sense it is used in this blog post. Shanto is a self-taught writer who makes up his own universe of art, including any terminology he finds fitting to the current context. 😉


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