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FAQ about the Child of The Earth Initiative

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UPDATE 4 September 2016: This is and OLD FAQ. Click here to go to the blog post that has replaced it!


(This NEW FAQ replaces our old FAQ.)

UPDATE 11 April 2016: Q: What is that brand new fruit of the Child of The Earth initiative that everybody’s talking about?

A: Ah… that’s no doubt Beyond Bullshit! We’ve heard they sell REALLY cool ORGANIC COTTON t-shirts… Go get one!

Q: What is the Child of The Earth initiative?

A: It is Maya’s and Shanto’s free exploration of their creativity – including them inviting you to become their co-creator. Or, in other words, it is an organically growing initiative with an organically growing (Facebook-based) community around it. Or, in yet other words, it is an initiative which is all for (1) the cultivation of the joy and love of the Heart of All, which may naturally channel our creativity into more sustainable expressions than those of today’s world of madness, AND (2) for the cultivation of more sustainable expressions than those of today’s world of madness, which may naturally help the joy and love of the Heart of All to blossom here on planet earth. UPDATE 10 June 2015: Make sure to read this new blogpost – too. UPDATE 18 January 2016: And this one!

Q: What are the fruits of the initiative, so far?

A: So far they are, among others: the birth of baby Leah, the birth of Freddy’s & Betty’s all-organic-made-with-love-without-any-extra-shit-added deodorant (do ask us kindly for a gift package including a DIY starting kit, and we’ll see what we can do for you ;)), and, of course, Maya – Child of The Earth, the book in the making (which was the incentive for the entire movement, including this website). UPDATE 10 June 2015: Make sure to read this new blogpost – too.

Q: What kind of book is Maya – Child of The Earth?

A: The author Shanto’s best shot at defining the genre of the book is: “a novel of ideas in the form of a fictionalized biography/memoir (of its author and his beloved), with a meta-level twist of romance”. The ideas explored are related to fundamental (existential/spiritual) questions, such as “what is real?” and “who am I?”.

Q: Can I get to read the book manuscript before publication?

A: Oh, yes!!! :) That’s why this website was set up in the first place. Go to “Preview Book” to find out how you get to read the manuscript as it grows, chapter by chapter.

Q: What does it mean that your book project is a crowdfunded and crowdsourced one?

A: Crowdfunded” means that we ask you to help us birth the book into the world by acquiring the password (and/or in other ways). So that the Spirit of the Project (carried by the growing manuscript) grows stronger and touches more and more people. For this kind of help you will be heartfully thanked in the book, just like all these people.

As for the term “crowdsourced”, it means – for instance – that Mouna has made a logo for us, that Thomas has composed music for a promotion video we made at the very start of the project, and that some other friends have given feedback on the manuscript.

It may also come to mean more things; for instance, that somebody feels inspired to contribute art work for the book cover…!?!? 😉

Q: What do I get from contributing to your book project & movement at large?

A: Maya and Shanto trust that 1+1=3. (Actually, they have even proved that to themselves in flesh and blood – by the birth of their beloved daughter Leah.) Thus they trust that by you contributing to the creative river of the Child of The Earth Initiative, this river will grow into something much bigger and more awesome and amazing than the (logically expected) sum of its parts.

Or, in other words, the 1 of us (Maya and Shanto) + the 1 of you will not equal 2, but 3. And you may get… something that you have never even dreamt of!!!

Besides, more concretely and practically speaking, by acquiring the password you get a thank you in the book, as well as a link to your website. AND, not to forget, you get to read the growing manuscript!

Q: Do I have to practice tantra or believe in anything “spiritual” to be part of the Child of The Earth initiative?

A: No. You just have to be a child of this precious earth – like we all are. Anyway. Our movement is not about beliefs, it’s about being fully alive. (Just as tantra is, by the way.)

Q: As the Child of The Earth initiative grows organically, is there any way to tell what it may become?

A: No. Our initiative includes the wholehearted invitation to YOU to throw yourself wholeheartedly into the Great Unknown together with us. And then, for sure, the Child of The Earth initiative will become whatever it becomes!!! :)




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