Out of Maya's meeting with Shanto, a book - and so much more - is being born. Welcome!



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Maya and Shanto like many things, and they like to share what they like. Here is a little collection of mixed goodies for you. Enjoy!

La Belle Verte(“The Beautiful Green”) – The wonderful movie that indirectly gave us the name of our book in the making, Maya – Child of The Earth; even though this book has since changed titles to Auntie Akkanette’s Emerald Ring.

The Man Who Planted Trees – One of all those movies that we really love.

“The Animal Communicator” (documentary film) – While the full film doesn’t seem to be available online anymore, please make sure to watch this amazing clip. And do tell us if you find the full film online again!

Le Monde selon Tippi (“The World According to Tippi”) – Beautiful documentary about Tippi who grew up with the wild animals of Namibia, Africa as her best friends. En français, mais quand-même… 😉

Ito-Thermie – A natural Japanese healing method that Maya practises.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal – A person who likes to make things. See also our blog post about the kind of wonders Amy makes.

Solar Roadways – The amazing, doable(!?) vision of globally replacing the asphalt of our roadways with solar panels. See also our blog post featuring this vision and project.

Off The Leash – Extremely spot-on observations, in cartoon form, for anybody who is (or has ever been) a dog owner. 😉

EcoRevolte – A cool cooperative (with big visions) with whom Shanto rescues used to rescue organic fruits and veggies that would otherwise have been trashed, as well as does was doing organic gardening. (Before he moved towns.)

Être et Devenir / Being and Becoming – A very beautiful documentary portraiting families who have chosen to let their children learn directly from life (guided by the natural unfoldment of their innate curiosity) instead of handing them over to the curriculum-based education of schools. The dvd can be purchased here, and is mentioned in our blog post here.

HUMAN – a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. A marvellous – multi-faced & multi-voiced – portrait of us, the human race. Warmly recommended!

Down to Earth” – One family’s journey in search of the keepers of the earth. A very beautiful film!

And then… some artists with whom we’ve crossed paths in the process of book writing and project shaping:

Mouna Jessica Skowroneck (painting)

Thomas Kwakernaat (music)

Cattis Bergqvist (music)

Salyna Gracie (multi-media artist)

Ruby van Tongeren (photography)

Alina Noir (photography & writing)

This list of goodies is a growing one…. so stay tuned.

Do you know of goodies that you feel belong in the list? Then just drop us a line, and we’ll add them – with you mentioned as the contributor, including a link to your site if you have one.


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