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Guest Blogger Lily Åsa: “Back to what She Loves”

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With open hearts and minds, we happily welcome Lily Åsa as our new guest blogger. She, a lover of Rumi, will be blogging for us whenever she feels the urge. Just tune in to her vibe, and enjoy her first post here…


Hi there Love…

My name is Lily Åsa. For long time it has been a dream of mine to write on my own blogg and share life with others and when I got the question from beloved friends Shanto and Maya, I could do nothing else but to say YES.

It has been taking a while to actually get the words out from my soul and heart, down on the screen. But now I am finally here, slowly starting, and I am so excited and thirsty for this sea of writing and sharing. And you are so welcome and I warmly invite you to follow Lily Åsa on her journey, back to her self and true love.


As you start to walk on the way, the way appears” – Jalaluddin Rumi

Lily – Back to what She Loves

She is free to be…

Walking on her own, making her own footprints, to experience places where no-one has ever been before. Taking her steps into the tunnel, into the unknown. She had the feeling of being surrounded by darkness, but now she is heading towards the light of pure love. For a long time she has been moving and running, through the darkness of her soul. Confused…

But now she is embracing her fear with love, letting her innermost essence be her guide. She is a warrior of heart and light and her spirit can never be broken. She is divine, a queen of her own destiny and this journey will bring her home. She feels deeply within and loves fiercely, by being true to herself and moving forward with faith.

Walking slowly, wondering, smiling from within and with her own heartbeats following her in a beautiful rhythm. She was lost for a while, but now her guide, her heart and her innermost essence is bringing her back to the source. The time has come for her to be authentic to who she really is, and to see her own inner strength.

Her guardian angels ask her to be real and true, to stay connected to who she is and how she feels. They ask her to go deep inside of her inner self, her heart knows the truth. She has the power within herself. Her current situation is giving her an opportunity to re-evaluate what she really wants in her life, and to realize her own dreams.

Who is she?

What is her vision in life?

Her needs?

Her passion?

Which way is hers?

asalily_1-2Letting her heart be her guide, she is walking back to what she knows, and most important to what she loves.

With a silent whispering to her guardian angels, asking them to guide her, she can do anything that she truly wants to do. She is wrapped in the light of the divine spirit, in her wild and mystical self. She is limitless and stronger than she ever realized before. She is raw, vibrant, breathing pulse, with her blood streaming through her veins. Holding nothing back, she is alive! She knows now that she can do anything she chooses to do, allowing her inner knowing to guide her.

She chooses her trust in love, to walk through the tunnel with an act of faith, allowing her heart to remain open. Because love is so strong, and can endure anything. Her love is patient, in the trust of herself and the universal support on this journey of love.

When the right moment comes, she will fly and dance towards the horizone. She is in deep love, listening carefully while walking towards the light.

Lily Åsa


4 Responses to Guest Blogger Lily Åsa: “Back to what She Loves”

  1. Jack-Richard Viri says:

    Beautiful post and I believe this is the true state of the divine manifesting

  2. Nico says:


    Now that’s a good continuation of the now guest-blogger tradition here at Child of the Earth!
    Thanks for your post, I recognize the process of being on the edge of coming out with what we have in us, our talents, our gifts, but it takes guts to do it!
    So, brave one, plod on, as I do. Love,


  3. Graeme Skye says:

    Keep going Lily… break the barriers!

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