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Guest Blogger Lily Åsa: “Loving as an Act of Faith”

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”Learn the alchemy true human beings know. The moment you accept what troubles you have been given, the door will open” – Jalaluddin Rumi


She is free to Be…

She is moving forward with faith, while trusting herself, her guardian angels and the universe to support her in these challenges of life. Her guardian angels ask her to be truthful, to stay connected to who she is and how she feels. They ask her to go deep inside of her inner self, her heart knows the truth. She has the power within herself, the free will to create her own universe.

Lily is embracing her pain and her fear with Love, letting her innermost essence guide her. Despite all moments of deep pain and suffering, she is keeping her heart open. At one point she thought she will close the doors forever, but she is slowly opening them up, to let the light inside again.


Photo: Lily Åsa

Her Love is an act of faith. She can´t hold back anymore, despair, confusion, she allows it all to be. She is embracing it with her Love. She is a creator of Love and she can´t hide her true self, neither does she want to. Her open and caring heart is there to help others, at same time it is also creating more Love for herself. While letting her fear go away and giving the Love she is longing to receive, she is finding that it is one and the same.

Lily wants to go to that wondrous place now, of deeper and deeper honesty. A place with space wide open, connected from within, in love with her existence. She wants to stay Alive! She wants to be nude and fully transparent. Dancing in her own shadows, letting the light fill her emptiness, her wounds and cracks in her heart.

Love can endure anything, a pure Love which is not denying the shadows within. It is about the belief in that despite all the darkness, inside us is a divine glow that can never be extinguished. True Love can be hidden, but never destroyed. It is who you are. You are Love!

Lily is a free spirit, opening up the gates and surrendering to love, while the walls around her heart are falling, one by one. She is radiating light, while responding to the call of love within. It is a love that cuts her loose like a wild horse who don´t want to stop running. She is releasing herself from her hiding place.


Painting: Lily Åsa

She does not let fear or limits stop her, like a wild horse she is running freely towards truth and love. With all that she is and with all that she has. She is a spirit ready to feel the fragrance of the Love surrounding her, letting her heart blossom and feel the fragrance of her own heart.

She has been running through the deepest darkness of her soul, into the light of pure love and bliss. Embracing her wounds and her fear with Love, this journey will bring her home. Being truthful to herself and moving forward with faith. With her vibrant, breathing pulse and blood streaming through her veins, she is wrapped in the light of the divine spirit, her wild and mystical self. She is a warrior of heart and light. She is the Queen of her own Destiny!

Lily Åsa


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