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Guest Blogger Lily Åsa: “Surrendering to Love”

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lilyasa_2-1A heart filled with Love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison” – Jalaluddin Rumi


She is free to Be…

Floating into the unknown, without any map, but her own heart. Letting go of everything she has been told, listening to her own inner voice… living by her own choise… bringing her magical gift with her…

She remebers why she is here… she is rising, radiating love. With her wings, longing to lift her on the wind. She is stretching them out, remembering the star from which she came… following the truth of her own self. She chooses her trust in love, an act of faith, allowing her heart to remain open. Because love is so strong, and can endure anything.

She knows how it feels to be put in a cage, with her wings cut in peaces. But she also knows how it feels to keep on moving with those broken wings… no matter what, through shadows and light. Exploring the darkness within, to discover the infinite power of her own light. Setting her wildness free…

Her heart was so much filled with love that she started to forget all the reasons why she shouldn’t fly and instead focusing on the only reason why she should. She had no other choice….lilyasa_2-2

Burning down…rising up… Until this day she never gave up on herself… surching, longing, always guided by her own heart. Vulnerable… And sometimes she felt that her soul was to big for her body. She took her too much broken innocent soul and heart and she opened the cage, with a candle in her hand. Unlocking the chains around her innermost core of the heart, so that love radiates through her eyes.

Yes, she may love too much, she cries too much and she may laugh too loudly and free. She may not be easy to handle… she may be too intense. Because she is ready to fly into a place she has never been before, because she is a truth-seeker and only pure love will satisfy her longing heart.

She wants to express herself in art, poetry and stardust, she wants to work out of passion and love… in the spirit, from her innermost essence. She wants to gaze with her eyes…longing…wondering…

Her innermost essence is calling her home. This journey can never be made without taking action. She is the most important part of her journey and important enough to take action for what she wants. She is flying higher and higher. She travels without a map, because she is her own compass, she knows why she is here, and never letting the fear guide her. She is so thankful that she is listening to that sacred language coming from deep within…like whispers from her soul.

Lily Åsa

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