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News from Nico: Episode 15, “Blessedly Grateful at Machu Picchu”

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February 29th

Dear ones,

This has been the most amazing, wonderful February 29th ever for me.

This was the day that I went for the first time to Machu Picchu, this incredible relic of the Inca culture. And relic is not enough, because it feels like a living entity, a place where much more is going on than just a collection of beautiful old stones put in a nice order; it’s much more than that.

When I arrived at the spot this morning, I was at first a bit disappointed about the bus loads of tourists that came to visit the site (including me by the way…) and the commercial hocuspocus at the entrance.

But once I got in, this aloneness came over me, this quiet gratefulness that I was allowed to be there. And although I met a few nice people on the way and even had a very nice conversation with 4 young backpackers from Wallony (Belgium), I most of the time remained silent (and I had to, because I needed all my energy for walking and keeping my breathing deep) and put my steps slowly along the way.

I had the feeling of wanting to avoid the crowd, so I started climbing to the sungate, which is actually going outside of the actual archeological site of Machu Picchu (I guess it’s one of the gates at the outer border of this Inca territory); I love this kind of challenges, because it’s not easy for me with the steps and the stones that are often a bit too high for me to be comfortable, but I love to test myself and see if I can do it. And I know myself: most of the time when I’m in this mood I càn do it, just because I get into this quiet, very focused and yet joyful state of mind, enjoying and loving everything that’s going on in that moment.

And God, did I do that this time!!! I loved every particle of flesh moving in my body, I loved every bit of breath that passed through my lungs, I loved every knock on the door of my heart…

The views were amazing, and those stones, oh, how I appreciated their ways of trying me out in how far I would go! And yet it is all a question of concentrating and seeing what is the best place to put my next foot, and at the same time knowing at what time it is best to take a little rest, before continuing to the next chapter.

I went up and up and up, nico_15.2until I came to the remains of sort of a watchtower (that I first thought to be the sun gate, but didn’t appear to be), which I knew would be my turning point, feeling my energy and knowing the time I needed to get down again (because getting down is mostly more difficult than going up for me). This place was truly amazing, with a beautiful view over the whole site of Machu Picchu. Within one of the upper “rooms” of that building was a huge white rock, that felt like emanating a mysterious energy, a vibe of power that reached my being. I would have loved to touch it, but it was not reachable, so I enjoyed watching it in awe. I sat there for quite a while, because it was also there that I met those four people from Wallony.

Going down again (slowly, slowly!) I came along a dark rock with black irregular stripes along its wall, and it seemed to me as if it was shedding tears, and I immediately called it “crying rock”. I had to come closer to it and touch its surface, and this time I could reach it, so I put my little luggage and stick carefully down on a little rock and walked slowly to crying rock and touched it, leaned my back against it and was feeling the snico_15.3oftness of what he emanated. Actually, what it was receiving. It felt like it was soaking up a lot of the negatieve energies of the world, of the pain that’s going on in the hearts of men and women, and of the pain that nature is suffering nowadays. And it seemed to me that it was directly connected to the white stone, with kind of a curved thread underground, that healed and cleaned the negative energies in the ground and let a powerful beam of light come out of the white stone.

Weird how these images came up in me when I was sitting there on a rock, eyes closed and just enjoying the minutes and minutes of quiet, where no people passed and everything seemed to get to a sort of rest. I was so grateful for this rock being one of the great absorbers of negativity in the world, and this transforming it into light, in collaboration with the white rock.

When I decided to go down again, I saw this wonderful, wonderful big white butterbly that had this amazing blueish shine in the sun and didn’t have that characteristic way of fluttering that other butterflies have, but seemed to fly on waves of air, very graciously and almost mysteriously, as if it wasn’t a butterfly.

Further down I suddenly junico_15.4st walked between a few lama’s that were grazing there. And I was amazed that they didn’t bother about the presence of humans around, they let themselves be touched even, which I didn’t do, because I just loved to be between them and in a way be part of their life at that moment.

From one of the panorama points I had a magnificent view of the whole site (which I actually didn’t enter this time, which isn’t a problem, because tomorrow I will be coming back with a guide); I felt so honoured and grateful that I could be at this place and feel the love and buzzing quiet that’s coming from this place, if you listen. It was great to also see the surroundings, the mountains around and the meandering river down in the deep, that you never see on the typical Machu Picchu pictures.

In the meantime I had already heard a few rolls of thunder in the distance and saw some rainfall too, while at the same time the sun was still beautifully shining on the hills of the site; but all of a sudden it also started to rain a bit, and this incredible rainbow formed in the valley. I felt so blessed that I could be part of it!

A rainbow for me is a sacred happening between heaven and earth, and always has this comforting effect on me, feeling: “ouf, it is still OK between God and humanity”. And this time it was no different, unless that at this moment it was also a kind of blessing for being here-now, for the people at the spot. And it was with this feeling of blessedness and gratefulness that I left and went back by bus to my hotel, just besides the Machu Picchu Pueblo train station.nico_15.1

And it is this blessedness that I hope you could feel through my words and between the lines.

With all the love in my heart,

Nico – Traveller of The Earth


And… in his next post, Nico reports from some travelling within himself – while having a holiday from his holidays, in Curaçao. Don’t miss it!

20 Responses to News from Nico: Episode 15, “Blessedly Grateful at Machu Picchu”

  1. Castagne Andrée says:

    Blessed times isn’t it Nico !
    You have the time of your Life I am sure ….

    Enjoy every second of it
    Love you

  2. Katia says:

    Mooi, lieverd!

  3. padma devi says:

    I`m happpy that you`re happy
    Padma Devi

  4. Sofie Vanherpen says:

    Hallo Nico,

    fantastische foto’s; vooral die met die regenboog.

    Geniet ervan!

    Groetjes uit het koude en druilerige België,
    Sofie V.

  5. maya says:

    prachtig! X

  6. Katherine Meys says:

    Coucou Nico,

    Merci encore de nous partager ce beau voyage!c’est comme si on y était!
    Magnifiques paysages!!
    Vivement la suite!
    Katherine om

  7. Geert says:

    Nude in Machu Pichu ?????

    Ha Nico,
    vandaag hier in het nieuws: 2 europese toeristen gearresteerd in machu Pichu vanwege het naakt poseren aldaar………………………Een gewoonte die onder jongeren wel gangbaar is!!!
    Ik neem aan dat jij daar niet bij was, hihihihihih
    Ook waren er flinke overstromingen in Peru hier op tv te zien maar niet waar jij daar bent vermoed ik????
    Veel plezier verder,
    groeten: Geert en Piet

    • Nico says:

      Allemaal niks van gehoord, hoor… Hihi
      Waar ik was was het juist uitzonderlijk mooi weer voor de tijd van het jaar (regenseizoen); maar wat er na mijn komst gebeurde, tja, daar had ik natuurlijk geen vat op, haha…

  8. Hi Nico,
    Very nice to meet you on the tour of Lima. It seems like your journey forward has been going very well. FYI, I am the Indonesian girl in the bus. I hope you make it to Bali. I think that you will like it there.

    kind regards

    • Nico says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Yes, was very nice to meet you.
      If everything goes according to plan, I will surely make it to Bali!

  9. Marion Knoop says:

    Hoi lieverd,

    Het lijkt me daar adembenemend mooi.
    Prachtig hoe je verwoord wat je intens ervaart en voelt in de natuur .
    Je beschrijft het heel beeldend en leuk hoe ik me mee genomen voel in jou belevenissen.
    Ik blijf je volgen !

    Warme knuffel van Marion.X

    • Nico says:

      Dank je lieverd.
      Schoonheid is iets wat van binnen zit, en als je die van binnen ziet, zie je die (bijna) overal.

  10. Mario says:

    Heel mooi. Take care 😉


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