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News from Nico: Episode 27, “How Incredibly Grateful I am for Being an Earthian!”

May 12, 16 • Guest Bloggers2 CommentsRead More »

nico_27.2May 12th

Dear ones,

Oh haha, my stay in Australia will end up totally different than I imagined it to be before… What is the case? I still had to apply for my visa for Russia (and China, got that one in the meantime, without problems), because I couldn’t do that before I left from home (official regulations, you know…), so I had to do that here In Sydney. But where I thought I could get an express handling for my russian visa, I could not, and can only get it in a week, a few days before I’m going to leave Australia.

Until now I had been planning to go from Sydney to Uluru mountain, and from there to Darwin, as a stepping stone to my next travels, but all that had to be cancelled. At least Darwin has, because Uluru just changed date: today until Monday! Then I will come back to Sydney and go on Friday to Melbourne, where I will stay until Monday May 23rd, and then I’ll move on outside the “western world” again. At least that’s my plan at the moment…

My stay in Brisbane has been nice, not too much to tell, besides two nice encounters that I had: the first was with Franck, one of the bus drivers of the hop-on hop-off bus there; he appeared to be a Dutch man and we had a nice “click” together and talked a lot; he told me about his life and how here in Australia too, life is hard and rough, because here too you often have to work double jobs to keep your life together. He also told me a bit about the wildlife here in Australia, that it is indeed a rough life (much more than in New-Zealand, where it’s sweet and easy compared To here), with a lot of dangerous animals roaming about: big crocodiles, enormous snakes, huge hairy poisonous spiders, sharks, poisonous jellyfish…

And that koala bears are not only those nice little creatures like they are always depicted, but that they can be violent too if threatened: they bite! Same thing with kangaroos: they kick with thnico_27.3eir hind legs!

The second encounter was in the botanical garden, with an iguana that was sitting (or standing, I didn’t see much difference) on the path that I was going. He was quite big, something like 75 cm, and I looked at him and he looked at me (supposing he was a he), we studied eachother and I took some pictures of him; then I told him I was going to carefully step over him because I had to continue, and he just walked in the grass to make way for me, I thanked him and moved on.

It was in Brisbane too, that a question came up in my mind:

Awake in the middle of night
I suddenly ask myself:
what is there in me
that I still hold on to
out of fear, out of comfort,
out of habit, out of distrust
that no longer serves me
in my journey of life?nico_27.4
What is there in me
that I still hold on to
as preconceived ideas
about me and who I am
that avoid seeing and feeling
what is truly here
moment to moment?
What is there in me
that still holds me back
from true joy, love and peace
and from sharing my birthright
that brought me here on earth?
And yet there, yet there
that too is worth it
(and maybe even more so)
to be embraced and cherished
by the ever expanding thrill
that I feel for this life
of ever deepening flow.
What’s holding me back
to do exactly that?

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So that’s a question that may continue to pop up in my mind in the coming times, hopefully without it getting too “heady”.

And during my walk in the botanical garden, I suddenly saw:

After four months of traveling around this wonder-ful planet,
I suddenly realize
how incredibly lucky I am
to be living on this earth,
how incredibly happy I am
to have the grace of experiencing
the immense variety
of beauty in this world,
how incredibly grateful I am
for being an earthian!
I feel so blessed
this time of life and always,
oh my God, so blessed!

Back in Sydney, I went the day before yesterday to the “Chinese garden of friendship”, a very well kept and beautifully harmonious garden, with a lake, a lot of rocks, and a few temples; I loved it there and spent my whole afternoon enjoying the atmosphere and peace of the garden. On my way “home”, I met this street pianist, who played classical music very well and touched a sensitive string in my heart:

He had no idea…

In the middle of Sydneynico_27.1
there was this piano-man
on the sidewalk of a twilight mood,
playing exactly the pieces
that my mother used to play.
I was attracted to him
and listened for a long time
to all this music
that I know so well.
And I was so touched
that -before I knew it-
I was standing there crying
in the middle of Sydney.
I miss you, mama…

Incredible that was, and what a present to my soul, it was so beautiful!

And yesterday I went to a railway station where another present awaited me: a violinist who played (very professionally too) some beautiful classical music, and listening to him I suddenly realized I absolutely love it to see people who excel in something, who are so passionate at and devoted to something (and especially in the arts) that they really get good at it, and are able to transmit that feeling through their works.

And then I recognize that thrill, thnico_27.5at passion in me, I can feel it through all of my body as a huge wave of possibility and joy, and yet sometimes I’m asking myself: what is it in my life, that I am “excelling” in, what is it in my life that comes from so deep and can touch others? I can feel there’s a lot of passion in me that wants to come out but still remains hidden in a way, even for myself. And yet I can feel it in me, boiling…

And it is boiling with this passionate thrill in me that I send you all the love from my heart,

Nico – Traveller of The Earth


Do you know Ayers Rock in Australia? Forget about it! In his next post, Nico tells us that the true name of this truly wondrous place is Uluru.

2 Responses to News from Nico: Episode 27, “How Incredibly Grateful I am for Being an Earthian!”

  1. Marion Knoop says:

    Hoi lieve fijn gevoelige Nico, het lijkt wel of je heen en weer geschud wordt met aan de ene kant allerlei vragen over jezelf , wat je voelt , wat je beleefd en hoe je dat weer integreert. Het lijkt me weleens eenzaam en dat is ook wel wat ik door de regels heen proef . En dan toch weer de verwondering en bewondering voor het leven hoe je die zo mooi beschrijft in jou gedichten. Fijn dat het gevoel aan jou moeder terug kwam door het pianospel van de pianist. Wat emotioneel voor jou zo te lezen en ik heb er ook wel een beeld bij. Ik vind het eigenlijk wel een passie hoe intens jij het leven kan voelen, ervaren en omarmd en zo goed in gedichten en jou verhalen kan verwoorden .Als ik naar je kijk lijk je zo rustig ,terwijl er binnen in jou van alles borrelt wat ik dan niet weet maar in jou schrijven tot uiting komt. Ik vind jou een prachtig mens!

    Met warmte en liefde omarm ik jou vanuit het nu mooie lenteachtige zonnige Nederland dikke kus van Marion.

    • Nico says:

      Mmmmmm, dank je wel voor je superlieve woorden, Marion, ze raken me in m’n hart. Ja, het kan inderdaad soms behoorlijk schudden in mij, maar wie heeft dat niet hè? En het leuke van dat schudden is, dat het (als je geen of weinig weerstand biedt) er vanzelf weer een nieuwe ordening in je leven ontstaat, waar je weer verder van mag genieten (of mee mag ploeteren, hihi).
      Heel veel liefs en een dikke knuffel en dito kus (o ja, en geniet van de lente!),

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