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News from Nico: Episode 35, “Going Home, Deeply Touched by the Russian-Orthodox Vibe”

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nico_35.8 Note from admin:

Nico concludes his long outer & inner journey in episodes 34, 35, and 36. Unfortunately, due to the moving houses process of the Child of The Earth base camp (previously mentioned in another note, here), there has been a big delay in getting these three episodes online. Our apologies for that. 

Due to the before-mentioned moving process, Shanto has had to bring some work with him on his holidays, including the posting of episode 34-36; and so it is that this note is being written somewhere in the French Pyrenees. This situation has in addition brought another unwanted side effect: that episode 34-36 will, for now, have to be posted without pictures. (Simply due to the non-sufficient capacity of the French mountains internet connection that Shanto is using.)

We will, however, of course, add the pictures as soon as possible, meaning most likely before July 20th. Meanwhile, please enjoy taking part of Nico’s adventures through the written word!

To all dear followers of Nico’s guest blogging: As you may know, the Child of The Earth project is run on a voluntary basis, and we’re hoping for your understanding regarding the current circumstances.


PS, 2 August: Finally! Pics are up! :)


July 1st

Dear ones,nico_35.1

It is incredible but true: I spent my last full day of my worldtrip today! Tonight I will be flying back home, first to London, and from there to Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon.

But the last few days I spent in Moscow: Sunday, after the train ride from Irkutsk, I had a day of rest and sleeping, which was great and needed, also to make myself at home for my last week.

Monday afternoon I spent more or less around the Red Square, looking around and being amazed by the colourful beauty of the St. Basil cathedral. Also listened to a choir of 5 men that was singing russian-orthodox church songs, where my heart was stirred to tears by the depth of those songs.

Tuesday and Thursday I spent on two hop-on hop-off buses and a river boat, which was nice, were it not that half of Moscow seems to be submitted to road-works or something and we were standing most of the time in traffic-jams… nico_35.5nico_35.6

Anyway, enjoyed it all to a reasonable degree, but I felt that too many impressions are just getting a bit too much for me. I start feeling the effects of this long travel. Time to go home soooon!

I tried to get into the Kremlin too, but at first I couldn’t find the entrance, and then there was such a long queue first to get a ticket and then to go through security, that I said bye-bye; too exhausting for my body.

What I did enjoy very much (also on Thursday and Friday) was visiting russian-orthodox churches and a monastery; God, how I love the icons and fresco’s inside those churches! They are so rich and deep in meaning; the colours and symbolism go directly to my soul. And especially also the music… I must have been a russian-orthodox monk or something in a previous life, because it touches so deeply…nico_35.3

Also I went to a nice panorama-point over the city, and nearby there was a little forest, and I loved to walk around in there, because it really looked like a european forest! Oh how I loved that! It had been so long ago that I could breath a forest like that!nico_35.4

Oh yeah haha, another thing: I’m really in Europe now, because football eighth and fourth finals everywhere! And also I hear a lot of languages around that I haven’t heard too much for the last couple of months: French, German, Italian, Spanish… And also more European news of course, especially now with the brexit… I’m coming back to a totally different Europe… And Belgium, after what happened in Brussels. Well, in a more philosophical way: everything is always different everywhere, so what’s new? :-)

This afternoon I was sitting at the Red Square, enjoying the sun (yes, it still exists, Hollandnico_35.2 and Belgium!), and I was suddenly realizing that I was happy, grateful and content on my last day of my worldtrip, and that I was really going to fly home tonight. And it was not a wow-feeling, or something very intense, but just this quiet happy grateful contentment that was filling my being andnico_35.7 that let me relax in that moment at the Red Square.

And it is with this feeling of contentment that I leave you for now; I will still keep you posted a few times after I come back as kind of a follow-up, also because I don’t want to leave you so suddenly.

I send you all the love in my heart,

Your Nico – (almost ex-) Traveller of the Earth


Says Nico, “Home, Sweet Home!!!

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