Out of Maya's meeting with Shanto, a book - and so much more - is being born. Welcome!

List of Funders


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The following people have contributed (directly or indirectly) to the funding of Maya – Child of The Earth Auntie Akkanette’s Emerald Ring. Either through the now ended crowdfunding campaign, through them acquiring the password, or in some other way. They will all be personally thanked in the book. Our heartfelt gratitude to:

Anders Hedberg
Anders Odmark
Anne Odmark
Björn Clausen
Bhakti Duquet
Candra Karlholm
Deva Yama
Emma Gran
Gopal Anand
Hafiz & Shavira Mosch
Iwan Nyst
Jesper Thörn
Johan Rova
Jorieke Potters
Lars Maria Norén
Leif Rentzhog
Magnus & Lotta Hagberg
Malin Bokstam
Marcus Aineström
Marianne van Abbe
Nico Aartsen
Pehr-Johan Fager
Per Rahm
Regine Vandewalle
Rienk Schaafsma
Sofi Håkansson
Stef Kroon
Sten Carlberg
Suzan Lemont
Tom Voute

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