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A Truly LOVELY Project – Starting With A Yellow Umbrella

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At 8.08 on the 8th of August 2008 a few hundred people gathered by the bean statue in Chicago, summoned by Amy, a woman carrying a yellow umbrella… Check out the full amazing story of what happened after that by listening to Amy’s TED talk above. And learn how the world was saved in the last week leading up to the – by the Mayan calendar – predicted end of it on the 21st of December 2012. ­čśë

Maya – Child Of The Earth considers all of this stuff truly LOVELY. And as a matter of fact, already in 2008 when the Beckoning of Lovely project started, Shanto was so inspired by it that he put up a blog called “det gula paraplyet” (Swedish for “the yellow umbrella”) to spread the word about Lovely in his native country.

As the big forgetter he is, he then forgot all about it – until just recently, when he stumbled upon the above TED talk. Shanto watched the clip – and being reminded of the life-affirming beauty of the Beckoning of Lovely project, tears came to his eyes. He then showed it to Maya – and saw that it touched her in precisely the same way.

Back in 2008 or 2009, when Shanto was active in the Beckoning of Lovely movement, he actually received one of the “doggy tags” (mentioned at 8.24 in the video clip) from Amy. And the other day, he discovered that he is indeed listed (as Svante Odmark, the name he was using at the time) in the credits among all the other Ambassadors of Lovely in THIS film, telling the entire Beckoning of Lovely story from start to finish-ish…

Maya – Child Of The Earth hereby wants to thank Amy and all the people who were/are involved in the Beckoning of Lovely project simply for being so Lovely. Thank you!

And, let’s keep beckoning Lovely every day – all of us, from the heart. Just in case the world still needs to be saved… :-)



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