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BIG NEWS: The Child of The Earth Movement Metamorphoses into the GOD Movement…!!!

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This blog post replaces our old FAQ, here, as well as our even older FAQ, here, as well as the most recent “FAQ”, here (which is in the format of a normal post). All of these still bear som relevance… in the recording of our roots, as well as the indication of our direction. BUT, if you want to keep joining hands with us in the dance we’re dancing, please read the BIG NEWS here below; and then dance over to… the GOD Blog.

Dear fellow Child of (The) Earth…

Since we initiated our movement, in the beginning of 2014, our command of the English language has arguably, maybe… improved. At least, we have become aware of the fact that if we want to talk about us all being children of the planet we live on, we should refer to ourselves as Children of Earth, omitting the extra “the” that is part of our movement. And we assume, hence, that this extra “the” must be put on the account of the insect that has always been bugging the Child of The Earth movement… 😉

In any case, perhaps it is fitting that this realization comes now, as we’re in the process of metamorphosing into a new form of movement. For this new form, is heavily indebted, in the capital of GRATITUDE, to Charles Eisenstein (the great inspirer behind the new form our movement is taking), and Charles is someone who has proposed nothing less than that it is time for HUMANITY to take the step out of being only a child of Earth, to become also the LOVER of Earth – a fact that very well serves to conclude this introduction to our…



We will be keeping this website up as long as there is energy moving in relation to it. (And most likely some time after that too, as a record of our history.) At the moment, the energy moving here expresses itself for instance as our beautiful guest blogger Lily Åsa, as well as the (currently resting, but still energy-carrying) book project that seeded the whole Child of The Earth enterprise… In addition, of course, the BeyondBullshit shop for ethically produced t-shirts made of hand-picked organic cotton, will remain linked to from here.


The book manuscript, albeit currently resting, has changed titles from Maya – Child of The Earth to Auntie Akkanette’s Emerald Ring. We still don’t know when Shanto might get the time and space to take it up anew and complete the book (which is already completed within him). That… is written in the stars.


Our movement is NOW metamorphosing into a NEW kind of BEING, and in that process our (primary) online home is moving………………

……….. HERE :)

~~~ end of news report ~~~

With love,

Maya & Shanto


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