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Child of The Earth goes Down to Earth – and Discovers a Sister Movement

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thewaywelivelifeeverydayisaceremonyOne day, Maya and Shanto went to the movies. They sat down in the last row of the cinema. From there, they could overlook all the other rows – which were full of people from all walks of life.

That felt good. Because they knew they had come to see a really good movie. A film they would love for everyone to see! A documentary about what really matters – in our lives on earth.

They had come there as representatives of one family movement, the Child of The Earth Movement, to watch a film made by another family movement. That of Rolf Winters and Renata Heinen, and their children.

The name of the film is “Down to Earth“. It pictures one family’s journey in search of the keepers of the earth.

Like any movement, Rolf’s and Renata’s started with a first impulse: to leave (so called) civilisation, and take their children to go and live closer to nature for a period. From that impulse, they started to move… But only much later did they discover what they were really up to: to make a film.

After the film, Maya and Shanto left the cinema in silence. Surrounded by other silent people.

Such a beautiful silence! In that silence, there was no room left for doubt. There was only knowing. Of who we truly are. And where we truly belong. As keepers of THIS earth.

For, after taking us on a journey around the planet, seeking out earth keepers from indigenous cultures on all continents, that is exactly where the film leaves us: in the knowing that we are ALL keepers of this earth.

Wisdom… may be well hidden in our knowledge-hungry times. It is hidden in our too full agendas, in our too stressed steps on our way to work and back, and in our too shallow thinking about what really matters… But yet, we all still carry it – deep in our hearts; deep in our inborn quality of SIMPLY BEING children of the earth. Deep in our bodies, we are all wise. And any movement starting from the deeper places of our own bodies, therefore, is bound to be… wise.

The only problem, is that most of the impulses that move us come from much shallower places… than the place of our natural wisdom. Sinking down, through layer upon layer of ingrained habits and conditioning, we may arrive at a place of deeper silence. And there… in THAT PLACE, we unite with ourselves… as being earth keepers.

In the film, Rolf and Renata – and all of us cinema goers with them – get to hear all the medicine people, shamans, and other wisdom carriers, of their respective cultures speak in ONE common, beautiful voice. That voice, independent of their geographical location, independent of whether they live in the jungle, or the desert, or the mountains, is… the voice of the earth (keepers).

They are able to speak in that voice only because, unlike so many people in the modern, internet-connected world, they have honored, nourished, and cultured their natural wisdom. They know and respect that voice… since a thousand generations! The one that wells up from within, if we only let it…

And to speak in that voice, is to be an earth keeper. It is to speak in the voice of wisdom. It is to speak in the only voice that may be able to tell us how we can create a future that our children will want to thank us for

It is high time, on earth, for us all to start listening to this voice. And acting from it. And it is in this knowing that Maya and Shanto have started the Child of The Earth Movement.

And… as I said above, listening deeply enough within us, we can all (re)connect with this voice! This is the beautiful news!

… And exactly this… movement of (re)connecion… must be the reason why all those people left the cinema so beautifully SILENT. …


With a few days perspective on the film, we at Child of The Earth, felt that we had encountered a sister movement @heart. For just like the movement that took Rolf and Renata, and their children, around the world in the search of the true earth keepers, our movement too… comes from deep within! And our movement too, doesn’t know exactly where it is going…

We have now reached over 400 likers on our Facebook page. (Thank you all!) Four hundred people is quite a force! When we join hands and start to walk in a certain direction. When we, all together, start to give body and movement to the voice of the earth… remembering Chief Seattle’s words: “We didn’t inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.”

How will our creations look like, when we form our lives to give body to the voice of wisdom? Remember that we are ALL children of the earth, and YOU… are more than welcome to contribute to our movement!

This… is how Maya contributes, and how Shanto contributes. And this… is one way they contribute together. What about you…? Tell us, for we are curious! :)

Perhaps, you don’t know yet? Then… perhaps, let yourself be inspired by the interview with Rolf Winters, one of the makers of “Down to Earth”, here below:

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