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Newsletter August 2015 – a Taste for Not-Yet-Subscribers

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Photo: Per Lundin, Sweden 25 July 2015


Here below you’ll find a copy of the new issue of our Newsletter…!!

It’s the second issue of the Child of The Earth Newsletter in the history of the world. :)

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[In the colored part of the Newsletter below, it seems some little bug has sneaked in to play tricks on us with the blank lines. It happened in our last blog post too, and all ideas of how to resolve this aesthetic issue are of course welcome.]


Hello friend,

Here we are, a bit more than 1½ years after the start of the Child of The Earth movement. And we’re still trying to figure out exactly what it is all about. :-)

For now, let’s call it a Family Movement.

It all started with a man (Shanto) meeting a woman (Maya). They fell in love, and in the fall the idea of the book Maya – Child of The Earth arose. And an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was launched to realize it.

The book project was the first baby of the movement – a baby who is now doing just fine, growing slowly but surely towards completion as she is. Presently at 12 chapters long.

Next, Maya’s and Shanto’s daughter Leah was born. Love was embodied as a New Being!!!

This birth of Leah was a Wave of Love so great that it pushed Maya onto an entirely new path: the Path of the Doula.

Meanwhile Shanto started a new business in his new country, as a Writer and Life Coach.

And… perhaps… the next step of the Child of The Earth movement might be…

…some kind of cross-fertilization of Maya’s and Shanto’s creative paths – giving birth to… some New, Never-Seen-Before Expressions.

Doulaship + Writing + Life Coaching = …….???

A first concrete example of what is emerging to the right of the above equal sign is the new service of Birth Story Writing which Maya & Shanto provide together.

A second example?

Well, how about… Freddy’s & Betty’s organic, no-shit-added, works-amazingly-well deodorant? Or Maya’s homemade soap, or Shanto’s woodcarving creations & gardening experiments, or Maya’s & Shanto’s passionate delvings into the world of unschooling, or their many adventures on the path of Family Harmony, along with Maya’s three wild sons, an even wilder dog, and an unlimited supply of wildly growing dreams…?

Do you find it difficult to see how any of this would equal Doulaship + Writing + Life Coaching? No wonder – for so do we. 😉

But THIS is just as should be in any Really Creative movement – isn’t it…!? Such a movement moves at its own will – towards a wholeness that is much bigger than the sum of its parts.

with love,
Maya & Shanto


Did you know that the young woman who designed our logo has been awarded a prize from the Dutch king!?!? It might not be the newest of news – but it’s newer than our last Newsletter (in July 2014). And, sure, it was not due to the logo she created for us – but still… it’s quite something! :-)
The coolest piece of news since our last Newsletter, is no doubt the birth of our daughter, Leah. She has the ability to make Shanto feel richer than the wealthiest of kings and Maya feel more dignified than the greatest of queens. And so, she must be a princess – at least! Did you miss her birth story? It’s here!
We all came into this world as the fruit of two people making love. Of course, some of us may be questioning how much love was really involved in the reproductive act resulting in our birth. Yet, how much closer can we get to love than at the birth of a baby!?!? For Maya, the birth of Leah was transformative. It sent her on a mighty wave straight into her new Doula Movement – which feels to her like the work of a Goddess.
Shanto has been providing life coaching & writing services to the general public since 2006. And he feels there is a certain magic to it. For the more he lets go of the role of “the doer”, the more satisfied are the clients. It makes him understand that Real Wizardry is simply based in the ability to step out of the way, to let a Greater Force work. And this is what his new business revolves around.
Albeit strongly inspired by our own two life stories, Maya – Child of The Earth is a work of fiction; a novel. And a pretty weird one at that. :-) Just listen to its author Shanto’s best shot at defining its genre: “a novel of ideas in the form of a fictionalized biography/memoir (of its author and his wife), with a meta-level twist of romance”. Now, who would such a book appeal to? Maybe an extraterrestrial looking for literature on extremely confused children of the earth…? 😉
About Us
The co-creative & open-ended Child of The Earth movement was planted in love, so we consider whatever grows out of it to be of indispensable value. Our main project so far is the book Maya – Child of The Earth, now in the making. The book project is crowdsourced & crowdfunded, so any help in spreading the word about it is received with a joyous fanfare!

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