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Reclaim Yourself: A Word on Spirituality, Science, and who You Are

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A text by Shanto:

Does God exist?

Yes? No?

I remember a time when that question was important to me.

But later I came to see that there is a serious problem with the question.

The problem is that no human being can give a definite answer to what ”exist” is supposed to mean.

Science has made a nice attempt. It postulates that that which exists is matter, and that matter is all that exists.

From this postulate, science – expressed as technology and systematic materialistic thinking – has established itself as the architect of the entire (post)modern society we all inhabit. From science’s idea of what it means to exist, our civilisation has been built.

The problem, however, is that even though science postulates that matter is all that exists, it cannot tell us what matter is (or how it relates to us being conscious; being here). Therefore its answer to what it means to exist is as flawed as any other.

This doesn’t mean that it’s flawed in the context of science, of course. Within science itself, it simply serves the practical purpose of defining the limitations of science’s functionality. Science is applied to matter, period. It doesn’t function outside of the material realm.

The problem, hence, is not about science per se, but about the function of science – expressed as technology and systematic materialistic thinking – in today’s society.

For science’s definition of existence (as being synonymous with matter) has become so widely accepted – through being foundational in all institutions making up the backbone of modern society, including schools – that it’s become an almost revolutionary act to question it. Or, in other words, to remind us of the simple fact that this defintion is valid only within science itself.

And this ”revolutionary act” is what I have found to be at the heart of spirituality.

For in the same moment I realize – quoting from the fifth paragraph of this text – ”that no human being can give a definite answer to what ‘exist’ is supposed to mean”, I also realize that there is no authority on my own existence outside of myself.

And in this moment, I reclaim myself.

This is what is at the heart of true spirituality: the reclaiming of oneself, in all one’s aspects.

While the question ”Does God exist?” may interest the naïve materialist (that I once was), a more mature spiritual question is:

Who am I?

This is the question I am now living. It is my living of this question that brings a sense of fulfillment, joy, and meaning to my life.

It is not that I expect an answer to the question. I don’t! Because… I am the answer! My own life is the answer; Existence Itself is the answer; the awareness in which everything appears is the answer; this – being here – is the answer… however one may want to conceptualize it.


Practically speaking, this means the laundry. And the rest of my life. My stepsons, my dog, the music I’m listening to. It means my beloved wife Maya and the plans we’re making together of unschooling our daughter, Leah.

This also means the Child of The Earth Movement: Maya, Leah, and me; and the lives we’re living – including whatever we may come to create together on our endless journey into the unknown

No more, no less. Take it or leave it.

You’re all invited to tune in to our vibe and come co-create with us. Be it for baking a cake, sharing a tantric meditation, or watching a good movie.

Rest assured that when we – together – reclaim ourselves and start to live from our heart of hearts, it fertilizes the new wisdom-based society growing from the grassroots, breath by breath replacing the old, knowledge-based one.

In this new grassroot-funded society, that already “invisibly” exists everywhere, there is so much more than matter that matters…

Because there is the existence of you.

There is the existence of you beyond any (scientific or other) idea you may have of who you are, or (spiritual or other) ideal you may have of who you would like to be.

Now… answer – without thinking about it – one simple question:

Who are you? Really. Beyond thinking. Now. Here.

Answer that question just because… there is no authority on your own existence outside of yourself.


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