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What IS the Child of The Earth Movement? The Definite Answer.

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Toulouse and Chili when they had just arrived in our new house – and were still a bit shy…


This blog post replaces our old FAQ and our even older FAQ.


Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


The definitely definite answer to what the Child of The Earth (CoTE) movement is, is that there is no such answer :) – for it is a movement. It moves and changes.

Recently, the CoTE base camp has made a major move, from a fourth floor apartment close to the ocean to a cozy old house with a garden, close to the forest. Yet, the CoTE heart remains the same: beating steadily in Maya and Shanto, and everyone who is part of the movement. It is from this heart we look into what is yet to be created, through us…

And, despite there being no definite answer to what the CoTE movement is, the purpose of this blog post is to give you the most definite answer we presently have. So, here goes…pema

The Short Version

The Child of The Earth movement is a creative movement based on whatever Maya and Shanto create together. It’s a wild movement at heart, and a counter-culture movement in effect. The raison d’etre of the movement is the book, for which Maya is the muse, and of which Shanto is the writer. The decision to start writing, and crowdfunding for, the book, was the decision that started it all. And in the movement, more flowers keep opening and fruits keep ripening – such as Beyond Bullshit, Doula Maya, and Shanto’s Peace Corner. Moreover, it is open for anybody who feels called to join in – as hitherto exemplified most concretely by our guest bloggers, Nico and Lily Åsa (whose first blog post is soon to come). As the light of the sun shines on saint and sinner alike, the CoTE movement lets its creativity flow outwards, into the cyberspace where you’re presently reading this, as well as into the space of air that we all share – for any child of this earth to breathe in, and be touched by… Our movement cannot be defined by any of its flowers or fruits, it can only be defined by the source of heart and spirit from where it wells forth. Just like our lives.

The Longer Version


Maya, Shanto & Leah – joyfully sailing the Ocean of Consciousness, summer of 2016.

The (hi)story:

Our movement started when Maya met Shanto and Shanto met Maya. One day close to the turn of the year 2013 to 2014, Shanto and Maya were having a conversation in a bathhouse, and Shanto asked: “If you and I were to create something together, what would it be?”

What Maya did not answer in that particular conversation was: ”A baby daughter!” Yet, only one year later, Leah was born – and Maya’s and Shanto’s lives where changed, and blessed, for all times to come.

What Maya did answer that day at the bathhouse, was: ”Write a book about me! I have always wanted someone to write a book about me.”

”Okay, I will!” said Shanto – and set to it…

But the book (still in the making) turned out to be not only about Maya, but equally much about Shanto. And maybe most of all about that Unnameable & Untameable Loving Mystery that we all embody & express, day-to-day… also known as Life Itself… [or try this link if you want to come closer to the Essence of it all ;)].

The book – which is still being written (even though there has been a long, still ongoing, break in the process) – was given the title Maya – Child of The Earth.

For we are all just that: children of this precious earth. And… everything that we experience, is – borrowing a term from the Indian wisdom traditions – maya; a dream.

At the-essence-of-our-being-here, the dream that we call “our life” springs forth… and there are only 2 options: EITHER we may lose ourselves in the dream, totally forgetting who we are, OR we may…




The book we’re creating, as well as the whole Child of The Earth movement, is to 100% about the latter option: dreaming the dream consciously. (Just like the family of tantra, wherein Maya and Shanto met, is.) It is about waking up to Life as It Is, in all its aspects. It is about EMBODYING more and more of the…

Diamond of Awakening.

As more time flowed down the river of life, our movement came to express many different facets of the Diamond of Awakening. And the writer of all of these facets (through this website) has been, and is, Shanto – whereas Maya has been, and is, the muse, the rose, the moon, the beloved

Little by little, the picture has crystallized in front of Maya’s and Shanto’s Eye: The CoTE movement is essentially a Family Movement.

Only two months ago, our family (Maya, Shanto, Leah, Finn, Bantou, Chili & Toulouse) relocated to Bussum, the Netherlands. We now live in our dream house, with a dream garden and one thousand creative projects (including fixing the leaking roof). Here is where our New Start is happening; it is where the picture – and inner feeling – of what the CoTE movement really is, is becoming… crystal clear.

Bantou is a dog.

Chili and Toulouse are cats.

And Finn… Maya’s teenaged son from a previous phase of her life, often plays the role of the joker; the trickster, the coyote – maybe to be thought of as an embodiment of the bug we invited at the very start of our movement… 😉

Together with Maya & Shanto, all these beings move within the CoTE family; and whatever their creative life expressions are, they influence the expressions of Maya & Shanto – whose expressions are ultimately what form the movement.

Now, of course, our movement is by no means isolated!

No movement can exist in isolation, just like no nuclear family can move in isolation from our Great Human family; and no generation can move in isolation from the ancestors of the past or the children of the future. In short: no wave can ever move in isolation from all the rest of the waves here on the ocean of consciousness. Therefore, it is evident that YOU are also… here in it, with us!

You are a also a Child of this precious Earth, and thus you are warmly welcome to join hands with us in the CoTE movement, in whatever way you feel called to… Our open hands are reaching out, towards whatever we may choose to call this Loving Mystery in which we move. Anyone “out there” who catches a glimpse of our CoTE hands, have the option to get in touch

The present state:

The Child of The Earth movement can presently best be described by its fruits. Even though none of these fruits does, individually or together, define our movement, they will give you a good taste of it.

The main fruits are:

The Book in the making, Maya – Child of The Earth.

Beyond Bullshit Organic Cotton T-Shirts.

Doula Maya.

Shanto’s Peace Corner.

– Our co-creators, as exemplified by our guest bloggers, Nico and Lily Åsa (whose first blog post is soon to come), as well as all the people listed here, and here.

We’re here – at the heart of the movement! Where are you? If you feel tempted… don’t hesitate to get in touch!

With love,

Maya & Shanto

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