Out of Maya's meeting with Shanto, a book - and so much more - is being born. Welcome!

The Insect


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One evening, Maya showed one of her favorite movies to Shanto, La Belle Verte.

After watching the movie, Shanto felt touched, and a phrase flashed up in his mind: “Child of The Earth”. He googled it, and found… an insect!

It turned out that insects of the genus Stenopelmatus [such as the specimen here above] are indeed known by the name child of the earth (or, alternatively, by the names Jerusalem cricket and potato bug).

A couple of days later, in a conversation between Maya and Shanto in a bathhouse, the phrase “Child of The Earth” merged with the idea of creating a book out of their meeting. And ever since, this lovely little bug is invited into the ongoing creation of that book – as a guest with unknown significance, and… as the continously bugging… project mascot. 😉

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